Infusionsoft Mobile App Review – Pre-Release

18 Feb
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Today I’m going to review Infusionsoft’s Mobile App that was announced last week. Ever since I started using Infusionsoft I have wanted a mobile app to give me access to contacts, tags and other Infusionsoft information.

Well last week, Infusionsoft announced the upcoming release of their new mobile application for iOS and Android mobile devices! So finally we are going to have Infusionsoft access on the go!!!

Infusionsoft Mobile App Review – What Does It Do?
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As you would expect, Infusionsoft mobile app provides ready access to contact information directly from your Infusionsoft account. You can now pull up a contact name phone number email even a physical mail address any time anywhere.

Of course this is very basic that you can do with any contact application you arty have, but the really cool thing is that you are able to apply a tag that will kick off in Infusionsoft campaign that can do almost anything you wanted to. This is the power of true automation that you can take with you anywhere you have your mobile device.
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Let’s say you get email or a call from a customer and they are very interested in your latest product offering and you want to provide them immediate access to the sales emails, all you would have to do is have a campaign that is triggered upon a certain tag that when applied on your mobile device will deliver that product immediately.

This is really handy because you have your phone with you all the time so you can trigger pre-determined responses whenever you want, where ever you are.

Another idea that people have been talking about is using the tag-triggered campaigns for new contacts. Your business may count on meeting and interacting with new prospects while you are at an event or meeting. One of the hardest things to do is consistently follow-up with people you meet. Why not setup several tag triggered campaigns ready to go, so as you meet people and enter them into your system, simply apply a tag and kick off the initial response. Even if it is as simple as … it was nice to meet you and I look forward to learning more about your business and how we might work together in the future. As you may know, I assist businesses like yours in setting up marketing automation to bring in more leads and save you more time …. etc. etc.

Don’t over complicate, just start with a campaign or two and an appropriate tag to trigger that campaign. This campaign can not only kick off an email to your new prospect, but it can also setup a task for you or your team for additional research and follow-up.

Have other ideas? Please share your ideas or success stories in the comments below. Have fun going mobile!

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