Infusionsoft 2014 Spring Release Update – 8 New Features You Need to See

01 May

Infusionsoft 2014 Spring Release Update

2014 Spring Release

NEW: Visual Dashboard Widgets

I attended the Infusionsoft Spring Release webinar yesterday to see what Infusionsoft had in store for us in the 2014 Spring Release. I discovered there are at least ‘8 New Features You Need to See’ and one huge feature you really don’t see at all.

First of all, Infusionsoft wants everyone to know that they have gone to a more frequent, but smaller, software release schedule in 2014. This means that they will be developing software and releasing it to their customers on a regular basis rather than saving up all of the features for a big release.

During the webinar they talked a lot about revamping Infusionsoft architecture behind the scenes. These are improvements that will make the software better, faster and overall more robust to grow into the future. Of course, we are all interested in better and faster software but honestly we really want to know “what’s in it for us?”

Main Features in 2014 Infusionsoft Spring Release Update

Here are the 8 main features that you will receive with your 2014 Infusionsoft update:

  1. Save time with a simple or PayPal set up.
  2. Sell more online with the streamlined checkout process for PayPal
  3. Make smarter decisions and take action with new and improved dashboard widgets
  4. Quickly complete key setup steps right from your dashboard
  5. Published campaigns with confidence with the new progress notification bar
  6. Easily identify Web visitor trends with a visual analytics report
  7. Experience better stability, speed and reliability with overall performance enhancements
  8. Chrome browser support – finally! 🙂

Along with the new features added, Infusionsoft is taking away some under-utilized functionality, including:

  • Multiple PayPal accounts per Infusionsoft account. They will only now support one PayPal account since only one could ever be active anyway. Also, there will be NO Personal PayPal accounts allowed, they have to be a Business account free or premium. See PayPal Change Notice for more info.
  • Multiple credit cards on file for a single contact record will no longer be supported. Most people did not use this any way and it was not a recommended practice.
  • No more round Robin charging for merchant gateways. Hardly anyone used this and it was originally developed for internal use many years ago.

Infusionsoft did stress however, that anyone who is using these features has been notified already and will have a phase-out schedule that will give them time to adjust to the new policies.

Continuing with the theme of streamlining, they have also removed 13 merchant account providers that will no longer be supported. This change was also communicated to the couple hundred customers that are affected to give them a chance to sign up with a supported merchant account. See Infusionsoft Recommended Merchant accounts for more information.

The ‘Huge Feature’ We Don’t Really See

Software engineers take great pride developing and releasing software that “just works!”. And I’m sure the Infusionsoft software engineers are very proud of this latest release. In the 2014 software release many foundational elements of the core software have been re-architected for efficiency and robustness.

Support has been added to provide better tools to troubleshoot and analyze the inner workings of Infusionsoft engine. This re-architecting includes more efficient design of backend systems to allow Infusionsoft to handle more of the heavy lifting work including: improved data tracking, increased visibility into the software functions, tracking the time it takes to execute a particular function and faster, more intelligent saved searches; all of which improves the overall speed of the Infusionsoft application.

This may not be too exciting for marketing and sales types like us, but the engineer in me really appreciates having a solid foundation to build my business upon. I’m sure we will all appreciate the improved speed and reliability these updates bring, now and into the future!


2014 Spring Release Web analyticsMy Overall Thoughts About Infusionsoft 2014 Spring Release

When Infusioncon (ICON 2014) came and went, I was wondering why we had not heard anything about the 2014 spring release. I was hoping there would be major announcements about a whole raft of new and wonderful things from Infusionsoft. However, as I watched the 2014 webinar update I saw that there were just a few notable additions with biggest changes happening behind the scenes.

While I was also happy to see the improvements in PayPal, honestly, I was more excited about new dashboard widgets and the web analytics graphs. I think for most business owners being able to visualize their important metrics is extremely valuable. I can’t wait to try this out … when it is made a available to us in the very near future.

Keep checking back here often because I will do an in-depth review of the new features and a video tutorial or two!

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