Infusionsoft Case Study of How an Orthodontist Grew Multiple Practices

21 Jan

Dr. Dustin Burleson gives us another Infusionsoft Case Study of how an orthodontist grew to multiple practices using consistent follow-up sequences and patient engagement campaigns.

Infusionsoft Case Study – Achieve Your Vision

What we do as orthodontists helps children show up to their first job interview with more confidence or go on their first date or raise their hand in class. The chance to help change a kids life is really powerful so my passion is really helping kids. I mean, if you feel like what you’re doing is helping someone, you don’t want to limit how much you share that with other people and Infusionsoft has helped us do that. So we’ve gone from 180 patients, our first year, to over 1500 this year. Infusionsoft helped us go all in with our vision.

Infusionsoft vs. Aweber and Infusionsoft vs. Mailchimp

Before Infusionsoft, we used AWeber, Constant Contact, MailChimp, we tried them all and they were really limited and actually automating more than just a few steps of our email process and so when we found Infusionsoft, we finally found something that we could put every component of the marketing under one system, it’s a no-brainer. We really saw potential on what we saw some other people are doing, people like Dan Kennedy, people doing information marketing. What if we turned what we do, dentistry and orthodontics, what if we turn that into something that Infusionsoft can automate.

Infusionsoft Reminder Campaign

So a good example for us is someone who purchases whitening, would be much more interested in learning how to use that product so they get a follow up series of emails that show them how to use that product. In six months, usually their teeth are back to being yellow and so, they’ll get a reminder to refresh and rewhitening, so that tracking is huge for us. Before we were just kind of shooting in the dark, totally shooting in the dark.

Orthodontics Practice Revenue Growth with Infusionsoft

Looking at our revenue, since we’ve started, we’re up to 600% since we started with Infusionsoft, if you go back just 12 months, the entire business didn’t exist. This location wasn’t built yet, the second location wasn’t opened yet. We haven’t purchased the other two and even where we’re standing today, a year ago didn’t exist, this was a parking lot. We’ve gone from one doctor and probably five staff members to five doctors and over thirty five staff members, and it gives you the chance to actually focus on the things that you really feel like you were born to do, and so for me, that was to teach and give back through advancing our profession. I teach at two universities, those are largely volunteer positions. You really can’t do that unless you have some free time.

Save Time to Work on Things That Matter

We started a cleft palate foundation where kids can get free cleft surgery that can’t afford it. We also do more Smiles Change Lives Kids which is free braces for kids that can’t afford it. I remember one kid, we took his braces off, he just happily stared at the mirror, he was like bragging but he was sincere. He said, “Man, I know I look but I never knew I look this good.” That’s bigger than—I’m crying now. [Laughs] That’s bigger than the biggest paycheck is to see some kid who probably has been teased his whole life, go through adolescence or middle school with social stigma of having horrible crooked tooth and to take that kid and give him a new outlook on life which is really amazing. It’s just opens up the opportunity when you increase the revenue to build out the dream of the business and Infusionsoft just helps us do that.

Dr. Dustin Burleson, D.D.S

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