How Infusionsoft Works to Increase Sales for Apparel Company

28 Feb

Here’s the Story of How Infusionsoft  Works to Increase Sales for Blue Chip Athletic, a Custom Apparel and Screen-Printing Company.

Gonz Medina and Andy Michaels have transformed their business with Infusionsoft.

With more effective customer follow-up sequences and conveying the right message at the right time, sales have increased over 219%. Here is the story of how Infusionsoft works to increase sales and improve overall customer satisfaction:

Gonz Medina: My name is Gonz Medina. I’m the Co-Founder and President of Blue Chip Athletic. I LOVE branding teams … making them look good. When we first started the company, we would work 70, 80 plus hours a week. We had two phones, two computers, a couple of desks and no guarantees. We tried to do everything ourselves. If we needed to call on a coach or go pick up an order or deliver an order, that’s what we did. We did whatever it took to make it work.

Andy Michaels: When I first started working for Gonz, I was a contractor and I was paid on a commission. We were using AWeber at that time for sending out emails. I’d really reached the capacity what I could do with that tool. Around that same time my friend Brad introduced me to Infusionsoft and the lightbulb really went off for me, I saw the opportunity to have a much more meaningful conversation [with customers]. What I saw in Infusionsoft was the infrastructure that gave me all the tools to put those things in place. Turn them on and let them run themselves that I could move on to the next thing.

How Infusionsoft Works to Segment Customers

Guns: Infusionsoft has allowed us to segment our customers, to create profile data about our customers, to know what kinds of messages to send to them. Before Infusionsoft, it didn’t matter, we sent the same message to everybody. Now we’re able to send out very targeted messages to our customers for things that they want.

Andy: Using Infusionsoft, we’ve been able to make sure that customers all have the same information at the right time, and the point of their order when it’s going to be most effective so that means fewer questions for them, fewer problems for them and smoother orders overall.

Andy: An additional key has been the ability for us to do more with less in the years, leading up to the use of Infusionsoft. We were growing at a slow and steady pace, five to ten percent a year on the retail side. After we turned on Infusionsoft, we started reaching out to those customers, we grew our retail sales 50% the first year and this past year we grew our retail sales an additional 46%. We’re still able to provide the great service and the same great quality products with the same number of people, as we did when our sales were fraction of what they are today.

Guns: We’ve freed up time by using Infusionsoft. Instead of worrying about how we’re going get this job out today, how we’re going to get this job out tomorrow. We want to think about the future, we don’t want to be one of those companies that becomes complacent and just become satisfied of where we are, currently.

About Infusionsoft Pricing vs Results

Andy: I look back now on the $299 a month investment that I was paying out of my pocket for Infusionsoft and I would have paid easily five times that amount to get the same capabilities and really, we don’t want to buy capabilities, Gonz doesn’t want to buy capabilities, he wants results. There’s really no question in my mind that having Infusionsoft has allowed us to deliver those results.

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