How Infusionsoft rocketed an organization’s sales growth

03 Mar

Here’s the Story of How Infusionsoft rocketed Rocket Company’s sales, an organization who helps churches in Atlanta, GA.

Casey Graham talks about how Infusionsoft helped their organization grow.

Rocket Company is a little organization in Atlanta, Georgia and they’re touching thousands and thousands of churches to help find the financial freedom that they need. In 2010, Rocket Company switched over to Infusionsoft which became the salvation of their business. It literally saved their business. They were $80,000 in debt, bad business partnership, very bad operation. And this story is how Infusionsoft rocketed their organization and made them profitable, grew the organization and all of that.

The miracle of growth is in God’s hands but the sowing of seeds is in ours. ~ Casey Graham

Casey: I don’t care how determine you are to keep up with the thousand people. It’s pretty much impossible to do but a sequence is almost like a person inside of Infusionsoft. They can do things for you that you cannot do as you’re growing so fast. And so as we’ve grown, it’s created a great foundation of stability for us to know that we’re still touching our customers even though internally we maybe running around ragged. What we’re most excited about is expands our mission of generosity. Since I started up, I always wanted to share profits with our team. But when we started, we didn’t have any profits. So, we’re just trying to make it. But I’m proud to say that now, we have been able to institute a profit sharing.

Infusionsoft is a CARE Software

Infusionsoft is not just a marketing software, it’s actually a care software. Our customer is the most important thing in our organization. Without them, we have nothing. And so in the early days, all we had is the ability to stay close and as organizations grows, sometimes you grow away from your customers. That really lead to our motto has become Automation Trumps Determination

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Infusionsoft Helps Make a Difference in People’s Lives

infusionsoft helpsEvery quarter, we take 10% of the profit and we give it to our team and so, our staff is benefiting from the sales and the growth and that’s really our heart is to give back as much as possible to our team. This is about our opportunity to take everything that we’ve got and to share it with other people. We’re able to fully fund a mission organization here in Atlanta as well. So, we were their number one sponsor and help them get off the ground and I’m proud to say now that they’re looking into Infusionsoft as an organization and they’re growing. Infusionsoft has not only been about making a difference in our bottomline but it’s about making a difference in people’s lives and that’s what why we’re such raging fans of Infusionsoft.

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