CustomerHub 7-Step Setup Wizard

05 Mar

Share your expertise online and generate recurring revenue with CustomerHub. The seamless integration with Infusionsoft helps save you time by automating collections, content delivery and more.

CustomerHubGet started with the 7-step setup wizard. The setup wizard launches the first time you log-in to CustomerHub and walks you through the membership site design, payment options and membership permissions. Automate common membership site functions like enrollment, resetting passwords and managing permissions to reduce overhead and save time.

Together, CustomerHub and Infusionsoft make it easy to drift content to subscribers over time. Deliver content to subscribers after they take specific action such as clicking the link in an email, ensuring they get content exactly when they are ready for it. Create content teasers that show members what they could access with an upgraded subscription. Upsell offers are created in CustomerHub and orders are automatically processed by Infusionsoft.

CustomerHub’s integration with Facebook creates an easy way for members to interact socially. Plus, their conversations can help you reach new subscribers online. Save time and reduce overhead by using CustomerHub to automate collections and enable subscribers to access and update their profiles, billing information and order history. The tight integration with Infusionsoft, eliminates many back office accounting and collections tasks. Through CustomerHub, your customers can view and print invoices, update their credit cards, submit payments and more.

CustomerHub is available for only $79 a month. Get started today by giving us a call.

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